It’s okay. Black people are people too, and sometimes they do wrong things.

I’m white and I’ve never been shot, but then again, I’ve never tried to kill a police officer. If I were to grab a police officer’s gun, I’d get shot. 

I’d get shot, not because I’m white, but because I tried to kill someone. 

The most annoying thing for me is when I dare side with a police officer in the unfortunate case where the police officer is white and the suspect is black, because I’m automatically identified as a white supremacist. Just imagine being a white police officer for a moment. 

What a tragedy. 

Pull over someone for speeding, then find out the people in the car are black. Now you’re a racist. 

Just image being a white police officer when you get into an altercation with a strong-arm robbery subject twice your size who hits your eye so hard it causes an orbital blowout and you have to shoot him because he’s a dangerous person who has and is threatening your life? 

Pull the trigger. Boom, racist.

What a crime.

Granted, this is speculation, because we don’t know what happened, but then again, neither do you, so in the meantime, shut the fuck up.

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Drugs Under The Microscope

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Arya Stark - Reblog for a chance to win the signed original painting!


Arya Stark - Reblog for a chance to win the signed original painting!

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Dear ol’ Caroline,

It’s been awhile since I’ve used Tumblr. I think it was back in February when my last date had failed (and it seemed moderately promising, too). It’s been even longer since I’ve checked your Tumblr.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at my grandmother’s house in Florida with a flea-ridden cat listening to the rain yet another day. Bored and curious, I clicked the Tumblr icon which was buried away amongst a sea of others I hadn’t used in half a year.

Browsing through posts from an over-active, hyperatheist and a few from a men’s style blog, I started to wonder how you were doing and if you had ever figured out your troubles with sleep and school and whatnot. Took a minute but I remembered your handle and went to your page.

Brace yourself, but the posts you’re thinking about are unrelated and about someone else entirely. It felt pretty shitty what they did, but maybe that was karma coming back.

Either way, I hope you’re doing better and I still feel awful for cutting ties. It was something I needed to do for myself. I felt uncomfortable, and perhaps it was selfish, but I needed a break from you and I didn’t mean anything else but that.

It was late when we had that conversation, certainly past 10PM (and we both know your rule about emotional things past 10PM). We were both pretty fucking pissed off in the end, and I wish it didn’t happen that way.

Anyway, maybe you’ll stumble across this post at some point. I hope you do and I hope you’re feeling better. I hope you’re doing what you know is best and I hope NZ is still in your plans.

Take care.

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I’ll give it a half year.

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Vancouver: Never before have I been in a city that was as able and eager to strike up a conversation.

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One Nation Under God, Stop Persecuting Me!!!http://proud-atheist.tumblr.com


One Nation Under God, Stop Persecuting Me!!!

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